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Student login details

Login name
 Login name structure: name.suMXXX
nameStudent first name.
suFirst two letters of student surname.
MThe last digit of the year of enrollment at Kaunas College.
XXXA three digit unique code.

Unique code generator.

Login password
 The first login password consists of the first two letters of your surname (first in upper case), the last four digits of your identification code, a dot and two zeros at the end: SuYYYY.00.
Email address
 Email adress consists of a login with a "":

Student Carl Johnson enrolled in 2010. His identification number is 3xxxxxx1234.
His login name:carl.jo0582
His login password:Jo1234.00
His Email

NOTE. If you're unable to sign in with generated login, try to increase the last number in your login by 1 and try again.